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        01-14-2016 -

A website for book and pay for your stall at the Fos sur Mer (13270)

The main advantage of this feature is that you will always be sure to have a space to display your wares, even when space is lacking. No need to wait anymore as you will have direct access to the members' entrance.

You will need to specify whether you are a private individual, a professional stallholder or a food professional in order to determine which documents must be provided.

In order to participate in events such as motorcycle sales, nautical shows or any other occasional, advance registration is required.

In addition, thanks to our presentation, you can learn all about the history of this must-see site in the South of

Browse through photos, get unloading information, pricing information, print the directions to get there, or even check the weekend weather forecast at the site.

This website has been established to serve our regular weekend visitors and we hope that it will meet your expectations.

Monfermé Finances.

        01-14-2016 -

Our free classified ads site

The free classified ads site where individuals and registered professionals can sell and purchase products and vehicles, in auction mode or at a set price.

Items can even be exchanged or given away for free.

Professionals can gain access to stores and dealer areas, as well as a web directory and an advertising service with targeted displays to assist companies that want to develop their internet presence. 

Your ads will be visible throughout the world, as they can be converted into any common currency and will get additional coverage thanks to our multi-lingual website.

Monfermé Finances.